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Aziende della montagna - 18 Strutture sportive estate/inverno - animazione - 18.13 Attrezzature diverse per sport all'aria aperta - NEVEPLAST Srl -
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Contact Person: Niccolo' Bertocchi
Street: Via Bilabini 31
Postcode: 24027
City: Nembro BG
Country: Italy
Phone: 035 4536661
Mobile: 347 2948936
Fax: 035 4127591
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Who we are
Neveplast Italia was born in 1998 thanks to the great enthusiasm for alpine skiing of its founders: Aldo, Edoardo and Niccolò Bertocchi. Production of the first ski pistes was started after having created and patented the first plastic material with the same slippery properties as snow. 

In a short time, thanks to the immediate interest gained and the significant successes obtained with important customers, production was extended to tracks for nordic skiing and snowboarding, by means of the creation of rail-parks.
Tubby, the snow-tubing run for summer and winter, was introduced in 2001 and the module for classic technique nordic skiing in 2005.

Our Philosophy
We are consistent in our strategic choices, aimed at continually improving the processes, active in the involvement of human resources but, above all, attentive over the expectations and needs of customers. This, for us, means "quality" and this philosophy has allowed us flexibility and continuous accelerations in company processes. Attention to market development and continually listening to the wishes of customers has allowed us to anticipate their requests and trends.